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How to Clear Printer Paper Jam

Step 1: Clear the paper jam Paper jams can occur in multiple areas of the printer. Turn off the printer, and then unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet. Turn the dial on the rear access door counter-clockwise, and then pull the door toward you. Clean the pressure rollers on the rear access door with a lint-free cloth lightly moistened with filtered water. Wait 10 minutes for the rollers to dry. Remove any jammed paper that is accessible from the rear access door. If the jammed paper cannot be removed from the rear access door, carefully remove it from the front of the printer. Remove any remaining paper from the input tray. Discard any paper that is damaged or crumpled, and then re-stack and reload the paper into the input tray. Reinstall the rear access door. Reconnect the power cord to the printer, and then turn on the printer. Step 2: Clear the printer of any debris Check inside the printer for any debris that might be causing