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Cannot Print using my Brother machine on a wireless network (Windows)

To resolve this issue and be able to print again, follow the recommendations below: Make sure your Brother machine is ready to use Check and repair your wireless connection Diagnose and solve other wireless connection issues 1. Make sure your Brother machine is ready to use Make sure you have set up your Brother machine already. If not, Make sure your Brother machine is turned on and its screen displays no errors. 1.1 Make sure your Brother machine is turned on If the machine's screen is blank The machine is not turned on or is in Sleep Mode. Press any button on the machine to see if it wakes from Sleep Mode. If it does not, then check that it is plugged into a working socket and any power switches are turned to ON. If the machine is unresponsive even though you tried to turn it on and off, contact your Brother dealer.  1.2 Make sure your Brother machine's screen displays no errors If the machine's screen is displaying printing errors

How to Use Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (MRT.EXE)

Once Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830)’s MRT.EXE is running, a program window is opened, where the window title also indicating the version of the tool (e.g. August 2007). If you have an old version so it’s best to perform an upgrade before running the tool. Click the Next button to accept the EULA. After the EULA has been accepted, the user can select a type of scan to perform. By default, a Quick scan is selected, which scans computer memory and areas of system most likely infected by known malicious software and stops any malicious processes that are found. It also detects hijacked browser settings, deletes files, and registry keys that are associated with processes that are identified as malicious. If malicious software is found, sometimes the user may be prompted to perform a full extended scan or you may manually select to perform a full scan, which scans every file and folders on all fixed and removable drives (except mapped network drivers) on the computer. A

Android Tips and Tricks for Android Phones.

#1 - Icon Management. Tired of having to clean your home screen every time you install an app? Then, follow these easy steps for a clutter-free home screen. #2 Keep your Email Inbox Clean (Gmail) Cleaning your inbox no longer has to be a chore. Now you can set up your email to swipe for deletes with this quick tip. #3 - Get FREE Unlimited Photo Storage from Google We all love taking pictures on our phones and keeping every one of them on your photo is sure to eat up your precious storage space. Use to tip to get unlimited storage in the cloud. #4 - Android Device Manager Protect your phone and personal information today against loss or theft with this quick tip. #5 - Hide the Carrier Bloatware Even though in most cases you cannot delete the carrier bloat, you don't have to look at it all the time in your app drawer. Using this tip can help you get rid of it. #6 - Install your Favorite Apps If you haven't already done so, then head on over to