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How to Use Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (MRT.EXE)

Once Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830)’s MRT.EXE is running, a program window is opened, where the window title also indicating the version of the tool (e.g. August 2007). If you have an old version so it’s best to perform an upgrade before running the tool.
What Is MRT.Exe Causing High CPU Load?

Malicious Software Removal Tool
Click the Next button to accept the EULA.
Malicious Software Removal Tool
After the EULA has been accepted, the user can select a type of scan to perform. By default, a Quick scan is selected, which scans computer memory and areas of system most likely infected by known malicious software and stops any malicious processes that are found. It also detects hijacked browser settings, deletes files, and registry keys that are associated with processes that are identified as malicious. If malicious software is found, sometimes the user may be prompted to perform a full extended scan or you may manually select to perform a full scan, which scans every file and folders on all fixed and removable drives (except mapped network drivers) on the computer. A custom scan will allow users to select and customize a scan to include a specific folder and its subfolders on the computer.

Malicious Software Removal Tool
Scanning in progress. If malicious software has modified (or infected) user files on the computer, the tool will prompt you to remove the malicious software from those files. You can choose to clean specific files or all infected files found. Note that some data loss is possible during this process and that the tool may not be able to restore some files to the original, pre-infection state.
Malicious Software Removal Tool
Details of results of the scan operation, unless the MRT.exe is run in quiet mode. If there is positive detection, you may also see results such as infection was found and was removed, the infection was found but was not removed with suspicious files found listed, the infection was found and was partially removed, computer restart required, or more manual steps.
Malicious Software Removal Tool
Clicking on the link “View detailed results of the scan” to view the names of different malware the tool scanned for and the results for each type.
A log file mrt.log also been created in \%WinDir%\Debug folder and will contain the following information

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