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Accidentally open Notification Center While playing pubg iPhone

While playing games or mostly pubg on iPhone the upper end of the screen I often accidentally open Notification Center, canceling my action. In Settings I found a Setting to disable the Control Panel in Apps, but I couldn’t find a similar Setting for the Notification Center. So here the resolution guys >go to your phone settings > under setting there is option accessibility and under the assessability, the other option general and you can find the option here access guide option here now turn it on when you going to turn it on it’s asking for the password like when you turn it on it always ask for the password the same password which you put here so you can enter the four-digit password but make sure you can note it down this one if you forget it you might be not able to open your phone And more you can watch on my video PUBG MOBILE  #Pubg   @pugb See less Wacth this video @pubgsupport @pubg

Setting up the Fax with Easy Setup - Canon MX490 Series

Solution To set up the fax capability of your Canon PIXMA MX490 Series printer using Easy setup, follow the steps below. Ask for Canon Support With the printer powered on, press the  Setup  button.    In the  Setup menu , press the right arrow until  Fax settings  appears on the LCD.  Press  OK .   In the  Fax settings  menu, press  OK  on  Easy setup .   In the  Easy setup  menu, press  OK  on  Start setup .   The message  Connect your Tel socket and the LINE jack on the device's rear side  will scroll across the LCD.  Connect a telephone line cable into a telephone jack at the wall.  Connect the other end of that cable into the  LINE  jack on the back of the printer.  After connecting the telephone line cable, press  OK .   The message  Connect a telephone to the device's EXT port  will scroll across the LCD.  Connect a telephone (or a telephone / answering machine combination device) into the  EXT.  jack on the back of the printer.     The message  Start

Error Code 6A80: Paper Jam or Reset Printer

Description  Learn why Error Code 6A80 displays on your printer and find out how to clear the error. Solution  The definition of the terms “Error Code” and “Support Code” are similar, and are therefore interchangeable. Both refer to errors communicated on your printer and/or computer. Canon Printer Support Number There are various reasons for Error Code 6A80 to appear on your printer. The following articles provide you with recommendations to clear the error message. In many cases, resetting the printer is an easy first step to resolving printer errors.   Learn how to reset your printer . Press the  Power  button to turn off the printer. Disconnect the data cable from the printer (not applicable to Wi-Fi ® , Bluetooth ®  or Infrared). Unplug the printer power cord for approximately 10 minutes, and then plug it back in. To troubleshoot a communication issue, reconnect the data cable (not applicable to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Infrared). If the power